Checking your oil

Ever wondered why its so important to check your engine oil regularly?

The majority of UK drivers dont ever check the engine oil on there vehicle and just hope that it will be ok to continue driving day after day.

To insure your protecting your investment we recommend checking your oil at least once a month, preferably once a week buts lets not push it. If checking your oil monthly you notice you have to keep topping it up then we would deffinatley recommend doing it more frequently

The oil is a vital part of the vehicle, you could think of it as the blood that is keeping the engine alive. It helps lubricate all the moving parts in the engine, now think how quickly some of those parts are moving when you are doing 5000rpm! It helps with the cooling of the engine and keeping the engine clean by preventing carbon from building up

It really is a quick easy job, all you need is about 60 seconds and a clean piece of rag or a tissue.

HOW? I hear you ask

Most vehicles have a dipstick under the bonnet and on some more modern vehicles you can check it without even getting out of the vehicle. The best thing to do is check your owners manual or look online for the exact process on your particular vehicle. (Most vehicles are listed somewhere on google.)

Now make sure your vehicle is parked on a level surface, pull the dipstick out and give it a wipe clean, push it back all the way in, pull it back out and see how far up the dipstick it is registering. If its low then top it up in small segments until it reaches just below the maximum line. Make sure you use the correct oil for you vehicle

If you would like any advice on any to do with your vehicle please do not hesitate to call

Now if that all sounds like to much hassle then pop by when convenient and we will check your oil level for free & only charge for the oil required