Diesel Particulate Filters Common Problems

Diesel Particulate Filters are fitted to most diesel engines from 2006 onwards and are becoming more common for blockages to take place.

They are commonly referred to as DPF filters or FAP filters and can be expensive to rectify when they fail. The most common cause of failure is blockages, caused by incorrect usage of the vehicle for example short journeys such as school runs.

For most DPF filters to clean themselves they require a constant run over 50 mph on a journey of 15-20 miles so the filter can regenerate itself. The engine management system commands extra fuel or fuel additive to be burnt in a special cycle that heats the DPF filter to very high temperatures and burns off excess soot, this cleans the filter on a regular basis. However incorrect driving & short journeys prevent this from happening. A lot of garages when faced with a blocked filter want to fit a new or exchange unit at a very high price. The best solution by far is to clean the original DPF filter rather than having a second grade filter fitted and it works out far more cost effective in the long run.

Cedar Garage stock professional cleaning chemicals which have to be applied with special pressure guns. Often when a filter has been blocked it causes other sensors in the system to be damaged and it is not always a straightforward clean that is required. Also once the filter is cleaned all manufacturers require that counters be reset and the system recalibrated. This can only be done with the correct software and computer system that Cedar Garage have at their disposal for such specialist work. So if you find your diesel cars consumption going down along with its performance you may well have a problem with its anti-pollution system including the DPF filter. We are always willing to discuss and estimate repairs for your particular vehicle. So please give us a ring on 01903-248967.